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My Story 

Since experiencing a series of health and eating struggles that began at the age of 16, I have been committed to regaining personal health, happiness and confidence and helping others do the same through diet, nutrition and fitness. What I can tell you is that after taking years to reflect on my health crisis turned mission to heal my body; after spending thousands of dollars working with western medicine MDs, nutritionists, naturopathic doctors and practitioners; and after becoming a certified yoga and fitness instructor, as well as an expert on healthy living, I’m on the other side. You know as well as I do that there is a ton of information out there about health and food. You also know that so much of that information can be confusing, overwhelming and misleading. I’ve waded through it all. And what I can offer you now is a guided tour to your highest well-being--without bias, empty promises or false ideas and with kindness and compassion. 
Health and wellness is possible no matter what you have struggled with! Check out my gluten-free cookbook!

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The Naked Confidence Cookbook 

“The Naked Confidence Cookbook: How to To Transform Your Battle With Food Into Self-Love and Your Best Body” is a
gluten-free cookbook is now available! 

This cookbook is a go-to reference guide for how to have total body confidence, cook and eat healthy, stop counting calories, kill crazy cravings, regain natural energy, maximize hunger control and lose weight without starvation, diet pills and/or any other unhealthy measures to be thin. 

Start cooking your way to inner health, a radiant body and boundless joy! 
  1. A healthy breakfast idea for you that is a gluten-free recipe!
  2. A healthy dinner idea for you that is a gluten-free recipe!
  3. A healthy breakfast idea for you that is a gluten-free recipe!
  4. A perfect dessert to follow a healthy dinner that you won't feel guilty about from my gluten-free baking cookbook, The Naked Confidence Cookbook!
  5. A healthy lunch idea for you that is a gluten-free recipe and low-carb recipe.
  6. A healthy lunch idea for you that is a gluten-free and low-carb recipe!
  7. A healthy snack idea for you!
  8. A healthy dinner idea for you that is a gluten-free recipe!
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Gluten-Free Cookbook Reviews 

Check out what experts are saying about  The Naked Confidence Cookbook , available on Amazon! 
MacKenzie Stark, RDN, LN
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Licensed Nutritionist
Lori Harder
Fitness Cover Model & Lifestyle Entrepenuer
Dr. Keerthy Sunder, MD
Physician, Psychiatrist, Clinician & Researcher
“The Naked Confidence Cookbook is so much more than a cookbook. You will come away from this book knowing how to take back control of your appetite, your cravings, your conflicts with your body image, your sense of self and with practical tips to “break free” from the clutches of self-doubt to re-engineer a wholesome self.”
"Cortney is a victor who shares her incredible journey from victim to empowerment in the most beautiful, vulnerable way so we can find ourselves in her story and learn how we can empower ourselves through our choices and through food. The Naked Confidence Cookbook will transform you one delicious bite at a time so you can enjoy the journey now and let go of waiting for the "after" to be happy."
"Cortney's story is a true inspiration for anybody trying to heal from the inside out and reach their personal health goals. The Naked Confidence Cookbook demonstrates her passion for helping others to improve their health through the use of good nutrition and exercise. I'm excited to try all of her beautifying recipes!"