Health and Wellness Expert, Certified Yoga Teacher, Cookbook Author, Entrepenuer Mom

Hi! My name is
Cortney Cribari
and I am a
Girl Boss Mom! 

The KEY to HAVING it all is BALANCING it ALL without the stress and overwhelm! 
​Are you hungry for more success and ready to start accomplishing more as a mother?

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​If you said YES then the key is getting organized and focused

I get asked often "how do I manage making money from home as a new mom and what does my typical day look like?"

As women, we are so multidimensional. We have the nurture side, the best friend side, the lover side, the independent woman side, etc. and it’s very important to honor all aspects of ourselves.

I love being a mother, and choose to be a very present mother because when I was growing up my mom was always gone and working (Women 30 years ago didn't have the choices that we have now. In today's information age there are so many opportunities for women than ever before.) However, I also want to work because I love helping and serving people but on my own terms. Yes you can be a mother first and build your dreams. 

When my baby, Kingston, was 1-month old I had a meltdown...wondering and doubting myself how I was going to do it all: stay on top of the house, get my health back and be a great mother and wife at the same time?

Fortunately for me I have had some pretty strong souls step up in my life to guide me:  

I have a very strong mother who instilled confidence in me that I would "figure-it-out" while giving me amazingly helpful tips along the way. 

I have an incredible mentor, Brooke Burke, who has shown me what's possible as a mother and breathed belief into me when I needed it the most.

My peditrician is not only a brilliant doctor but a mother of 3 who has given me incredible wisdom, guidance and confidence when it comes to balancing motherhood and success. 

Last, my business mentor, Brendon Burchard, taught me how to increase my productivity and focus on what truly matters which is growth, purpose and high performance so you can live a meaningful life. 

Since then I have been able to:

crush my health and body goals, get momentum back in my business after taking a year off, find a system the keeps my home clean and orderly, stay fit, cook a healthy dinner for my family everynight and having bonding time with my son everyday; all without losing my shit, feeling depressed or getting stressed. 

I do see other women especially other mothers scattered and sad; not that I don’t get frazzled at times and have my moments but my key to reducing the overwhelmed is getting organized, prioritizing myself, running strick schedule by time blocking out mommy and me time, work-time with ROI activities and sticking to it. Also, I ask for help when I need it. I am so thankful for my husband who is my true life teammate and partner. 

As women we can accomplish more in our daily lives and acheive more success. Also my philosophy is instead of getting stressed just get help and declutter like a mad woman. Hire someone or ask family to help, set up your environment for success and you have to learn how to manage and run everything in a constructive way conducive to growth.

That's why I created my 1-Page Daily Success Planner for Working Moms. This one sheet is my daily productivity guide that I follow very strictly to keep me on top of my home, health, mom and work-life balance while prioritizing myself and my family first.

My hope is that my daily planner helps you keep your life moving forward in a positive direction and getting better results for your life and future. Xo, Cortney