Health and Wellness Expert, Certified Yoga Teacher, Cookbook Author, Entrepenuer Mom
Since experiencing a series of health and eating struggles that began at the age of 16, I have committed myself to regaining personal health, happiness and confidence. After taking years to heal my body; after spending thousands of dollars working with western medicine MDs, nutritionists, naturopathic doctors and practitioners; and after becoming a certified yoga and fitness instructor, as well as an expert on healthy living, I am now on the other side.

I am a former corporate banking consultant from Montana turned 
Los Angeles healthy lifestyle expert. In 2012, I created a healthy living blog, called, to help women who shared my struggles. Using the combination of my passion, personal story, practical experience and professional expertise, it is my mission to help transform those who are struggling with food, motivation, health and self-belief by giving them practical tools that can be applied immediately so they can live happier and healthier lives.

I have a deep passion for health and fitness. From doing a fitness commercial shoot for a national brand in Los Angeles, to teaching people how to burn fat and find their zen in my yoga sculpt class, to private celebrity training and workouts; and I am known to many as their personal weight loss coach online.
I am beyond excited to launch my first book, The Naked Confidence Cookbook, on Amazon and Kindle this summer, which offers a guided tour to your highest well-being. 

"I believe life is a spiritual journey and every struggle is a learning opportunity for deeper self-exploration and personal growth."
Also, I offer group yoga sculpt workshops, cooking classes, private training, nutrition and weight loss products and programs to help you achieve your goals and have total body success. I'd love to work closer with you, please visit my program and services page for more information. 

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Family is everthing to me, I live with my husband and French bulldog in LA and we so excited to start a family soon. Connect with me on social media @cortneycribari on Instagram and Facebook. I look forward to connecting with you! 

Xo, Cort :)) 
Family Is Everything 
Unconditional Love Heals The Soul 
  1. My Husband, Todd
    My Husband, Todd
    My biggest supporter, love of my life, accountability buddy and simply a divine man. I am so lucky! Xoxo
  2. My Parents
    My Parents
    My parents, Pam and Marty, who breathe love and faith into me every day! My mother is my biggest guiding light and always has been. They enjoy the retired life down in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
  3. Our Dog, Dexter
    Our Dog, Dexter
    The cutest dog and fur baby on the planet who brings so much love into our lives.
  4. Our Wedding Day
    Our Wedding Day
    The most fun and amazing day of my life. True loves exists, never stop believing!