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After being encouraged by my husband, friends, clients and mentors, I was inspired to tell my personal story of health evolution, finally share who I really am and my passion for cooking in my new gluten-free cookbook! 

In my first book, The Naked Confidence Cookbook , I talk about in detail overcoming my deepest insecurities, self-abuse and shaming, eating struggles and disorders, divorce and dating heartache, inner health and emotional issues. Then I offer personal strategies, mantras, lessons and recipes on how to heal your body and soul.       
My truth: total body success is a reality once you have tortured yourself long enough. I believe miracles comes from struggle.
The Naked Confidence Cookbook is your go-to reference guide for how to have total body confidence, cook and eat gluten-free, stop counting calories, kill crazy cravings, regain natural energy, maximize hunger control and lose weight effortlessly without starvation, diet pills and/or any other unhealthy measures to be thin.

What Experts Are Saying About
The Naked Confidence Cookbook ! 

Incredible gluten-free cookbook reviews! 
  1. Dr. Keerthy Sunder, M.D.
    “The Naked Confidence Cookbook is so much more than a cookbook. You will come away from this book knowing how to take back control of your appetite, your cravings, your conflicts with your body image, your sense of self and with practical tips to “break free” from the clutches of self-doubt to re-engineer a wholesome self.”
  2. Lori Harder, Fitness Cover Model & Lifestyle Entrepenuer
    "Cortney is a victor who shares her incredible journey from victim to empowerment in the most beautiful, vulnerable way so we can find ourselves in her story and learn how we can empower ourselves through our choices and through food. The Naked Confidence Cookbook will transform you one delicious bite at a time so you can enjoy the journey now and let go of waiting for the "after" to be happy."
  3. Elaine Zlaket, Certified Personal Trainer & Health Coach
    "In the Naked Confidence Cookbook, Cortney bares it all; sharing the darkest moments of her journey to self-love and healing. This is not your typical cookbook, as Cortney gives every tormented soul the courage, and permission, to rise up and make change. She provides you valuable tools, personal mantras, and delicious recipes that teach you how to heal yourself from the inside out. #foodforyoursoul"
  4. MacKenzie Stark, RDN, LN
    "Cortney's story is a true inspiration for anybody trying to heal from the inside out and reach their personal health goals. Her cookbook demonstrates her passion for helping others to improve their health through the use of good nutrition and exercise. I'm excited to try all of her beautifying recipes!"